On your first visit, Dr. Ken Abreu will show you around the office to make you comfortable. He will sit down with you to initiate your paper work. We will review our privacy policy and then will fill out all necessary forms for you by asking you questions about your personal information.

Spinal Care

Consultation Which Includes Health History, X-ray & Examinations
You will be introduced to a Dr. Ken Abreu who will ask you why you have come and take a detailed health history to identify any problems or symptoms that relate to a spinal misalignment and which ones don’t relate.  A Computerized Scan will be used to identify your ability to recover and an X-ray of your spine will be taken to identify a spinal misalignment and. When the doctor is confident that the services that we provide can help you, the doctor will discuss with you the NUCCA Procedure to correct your spinal misalignment and any additional services that you may need and what you may expect having us take care of you. Then, you decide if you want us to take care of you. The first appointment takes approximately one hour.

The NUCCA Procedure begins with Cervical X-rays
You will be taken for X-rays of the relationship of your head, your Atlas vertebra and your spine. We will let you know when all of the X-rays are readable and schedule your first spinal correction. NUCCA chiropractic is based on the alignment of the head and neck bones.

First Spinal Correction, Case Review & Post X-rays
On your second visit to our office,Dr. Ken Abreu will review the X-rays with you and discuss expectations about your relief and recovery. He will then make a spinal correction. Often, post X-rays are taken and Dr. Ken Abreu will analyze them to make sure that your spinal misalignment has been reduced or corrected as much as possible. An additional correction and further X-rays may be made if necessary on the same visit. The second visit takes approximately one hour. These two visits will establish you as a patient with Dr. Ken Abreu.

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