I wanted to thank you for the amazing way that you have taken good care of my previously very painful back.
In May of 2014 I was diagnosed with spinal degeneration in my lower lumbar which was incredibly painful with electrical pulses emanating through from my back and into my legs, as well as mild osteo-arthritis in that same location.
After seeing many specialists including Physical Medicine Doctors, Pain Management Specialists, and an Neurosurgeon, along with a battery of tests and treatments including Electromyogram (EMG), Nerve Conduction Studies, MRI, X-Rays and Epidural Spinal Cortisone shots, I, admittedly somewhat hesitantly and with some trepidation decided to see if Dr. Ken, Chiropractor could help me. Amazingly enough, with several NUCCA treatments and other chiropractic adjustments for my lower back, my pain has diminished and the fatigue in my legs has subsided.
The Neurosurgeon had recommended spinal decompression surgery for March, and thanks to Dr. Ken I have chosen to forego this surgery. I don’t know what the crystal ball will show, but for now I give thanks to Dr. Ken and his friendly staff for helping to improve my quality of life.
Kudos to you and your staff, Dr. Ken and thank you to BNI Optimum for introducing me to them. You rock!
Warmest regards,
— Darlene Whitmore
I was recently given chiropractic treatment by Dr. Ken Abreu. I found Ken’s manner pleasant and calm. He took great care and time in how he examined and treated me. I have no trouble saying that Ken is the most methodical and gentle chiropractor I have ever experienced. I would especially recommend Ken to those people who are afraid to visit a chiropractor or have had an experience with a rough chiropractor.
— Glen E Klassen, CA
Dr. Ken is a new breed of doctor who is great at what he does and in tune with his patients and what is important to them. His long and deep experience in other medical disciplines is a huge asset to what he does. I highly recommend him and his services.
— Jacques du Preez
As a real estate sales representative I spend long hours in front of my computer and tablet as well as driving to multiple properties. I recently developed back pain and could not sleep at night. I thought that painkillers would alleviate the pain but unfortunately this did not happen. At that point, I decided to give Dr. Ken a try.

During the first visit, Dr. Ken measured my posture, took X-rays of my spine and made me go through several tests. He showed me the areas of my spine that needed to be corrected. He adjusted my neck, shoulders, spine and legs. He provided me with excellent advice about the sitting and standing postures to reduce pain and proposed I return to his office a few more times to continue my treatment.

I noticed after the first session that I had much more energy and could turn my neck to look above my shoulders instead of turning my entire body.

Eventually, I had several healing sessions and noticed a steady recovery. The back pain dissipated into a discomfort and eventually disappeared. My good mood and work concentration improved considerably.

It was amazing how quickly and painlessly Dr. Ken was able to improve the flexibility of my neck, back and shoulders. He turned my skepticism about chiropractic treatment into confidence and trust.
I will not hesitate to recommend Dr. Ken Abreu to my family, friends and clients.
— Robert Franco
Dr. Ken is thorough and professional and I would trust him with my medulla oblongata.
— Dr. Carolyn Bickel
Dr Ken Abreu is a true professional who takes the time to get down to the root cause of the problem. He looks for long term wellness and not only short term relief. I strongly recommend Dr Ken.
— Brian Fleury
I had an opportunity to have Dr. Abreu as my chiropractor in Mississauga, Ontario through a referral for back, neck and other musculoskeletal problems. Dr Abreu gave me the full treatment, X-rays, muscle testing and range of motion testing. After evaluation of my condition, he started gently adjustments and guided me through some exercises. Within a month, I was pain free.

Dr. Abreu is an exceptional chiropractor. He is thorough and comprehensive in his examination and diagnosis of patients. Not only does he practice traditional chiropractic manipulative therapy, but he also emphasizes modalities, exercises, rehabilitation, and comprehensive physical therapy program. Most importantly, I’m impressed by his thoroughness in answering all my questions.

I fully recommend Dr. Abreu as a trusted and experienced chiropractor and the program he runs to help people remain healthy and pain free.
— Ebenezer Adiyiah, MHSc, MRT (R)
Dr. Ken is a skilled and talented Doctor of Chiropractic. He listens intently to your symptoms and then puts together a treatment plan that makes the most sense to improve your well being and return you to optimum health. He is considerate, conscientious, bright with a great sense of humour and bedside manner. He is extremely personable and has deep knowledge in his field, having been trained in one of the finest colleges in the America’s.

Dr. Ken has been able to work on my chronic back issues and recent shoulder issues with great success, alleviating the pain and greatly improving my mobility. I am grateful to him for his hard work and dedication to his patients and his field of practise.

I would highly recommend Dr. Ken if you are in need of any chiropractic services.
— Susan B Fleury